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Spamalot is one of those shows where you can let your imagination run wild!

Depending on the venue and the types of pyrotechnic effects that can be uses in your region, there are many different effects that can be accomplished. The original Broadway production (and tour) uses a fair amount of pyro. Realizing pyrotechnics are not legal in all cities/states (and pyro isn’t for everyone), we have broken them down into two types: Pyrotechnic and Non-pyrotechnic.

Pyrotechnic Effects:

Most of the pyro for this show revolves around the entrance of “Tim the Enchanter” and the use of “The Holy Hand Grenade.”

Effects For Tim:

For this effect, we recommend using the MG34 UFK Flash Gun, powered by the MG35 UFK Ignition System. Using Flash Cotton and Flash Paper, a fireball can be shot from the staff and travel 5-10 feet!

The best way to shoot a fireball from the actor’s hands is to use the MG01 Electronic Flash Gun or the MG02 Double-Shooting Flash Gun. Both of these items also use Flash Cotton and Flash Paper. They are also both available in KIT form, which can save some $$$.

One of our most popular products is the MG04 Flint Flasher. This product uses Flash Cotton and Sparkle Additive (and is available in a KIT). When activated, an “Electrical Explosion” emits from the actor’s hand.


The Holy Hand Grenade:

A wonderful explosion can be created with the use of Professional Stage Pyrotechnics. We recommend using a Theatrical Flash, which is attached to your stage or set piece with a Low Profile Holder and is activated remotely with the 1-Channel Mini Pyro Controller.

Please Note: Professional Stage Pyro may not be legal in your region and/or city or state licensing might be required to purchase and use. Contact your local fire department for more information on your local requirements to use these types of products.


Non-pyrotechnic Effects:

Looking to create an impressive pyro effect… but can’t use pyro in your region? Working with kids on stage and/or don’t feel comfortable using Professional Stage Pyro? The Geyser Cryo / Pyro Simulator is for you! This system will create a photo-realistic 5-foot flame effect and is completely harmless. There are countless uses for this versatile machine, making it the perfect choice for productions looking for that extra eye-candy.

Another wonderful idea is to use a Confetti Cannon for the “Holy Hand Grenade” explosion. Any of our Small Barrel or Medium Barrel confetti cannons will work for this effect. Instead of using confetti or streamers, load the cannon with small pieces of FAKE RABBIT FUR and/or some BABY POWDER. When activated, the cannon will make a nice “BANG” and chuck the bits of fur and powder (which will look like smoke). This is a very good, very safe, and VERY funny way to create this effect.

We hope these ideas help you with your production. As always, feel welcome to contact us with any questions.