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Confetti & Streamers

Theatre Effects offers a very wide variety of confetti and and streamer launcher systems powered by air or Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Our line of cannons and products is one of the most comprehensive available, featuring the largest variety of launchers, the most efficient launchers, and the largest variety of accessories.

Confetti and streamer launchers were originally conceived as a safe and regulation-free alternative to pyrotechnic special effects. You truly can use confetti and streamer cannons to create spectacular indoor simulated fireworks displays, launching showers of streamers and confetti that seen to burst in mid-air. But your options do not stop there. You can launch T-Shirts, effortlessly create puffs of simulated smoke, water spouts, shoot ping pong balls, business cards and so much more. Fill the air with huge pieces of fluttering brightly colored tissue. Amaze your audience, giving them something to REALLY talk about!

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