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Product SDS Sheets

This Product SDS (MSDS) Sheet Area will serve as a viewing and/or download center for the product SDS sheets that are available from us online.  As of June 2015, "MSDS" have been replaced by "SDS."

You can view or print the individual SDS sheets by simply clicking on each respective link; alternatively, you can also download the SDS sheets for local storage on your system by right-clicking on a link and choosing "Save Target As". Of course these are directions for Windows users, if you are using a Mac, my suggestion to you would be to contact Dell Computers. ;-)

All SDS sheets are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. If you need to download the Acrobat Reader program you can do so from the following link for free: Adobe Acrobat Reader 

AE51 (52) (53) (54) - CO2 Cylinders
BG10 (11) (12) - Fiber Wizard
BG20 (21) (22) - Fiber Coat
BM04 - Bubble Fluid
BM61 - Snow Liquid
CF74 - Wizard Snow
CS102 (103) (104) - White & Colored Smoke Cartridges
CS21 - Slow Cotton 
CS41 - Smoke Cloth
DF05 (06) - Unique Haze Fluid
FC21 (22) - Electric Sparkle Additive
FC31 (31D) (32) (33) (34) - Dragon's Breath
FG01 (02) (04) - Theatre Effects Fog Fluid
FG05 - Theatre Effects Quick Dissipating Fluid
FG80 - Diffusion Cloud in A Can
FG91 - Tiny Fluid
FP01 (02) (03) (07) (08) - Flash Paper
FP11 - Flash Cotton
FP13 - Flash Cord / String
FP21 - Flash Paper Glue
LF04 - Theatre Effects Low Lying Fluid
UV31 (32) (33) - Invisible UV Make-Up - Blue
UV31 (32) (33) - Invisible UV Make-Up - Green
UV50 (51) (52) (53) - Invisible UV Ink 

The above SDS links are for Theatre Effects brand products only. For SDS's of products not listed above, please call us: 800-791-7646