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Product Directions

This Product Directions Area will serve as a viewing and/or download center for the product directions that are available from us online.

You can view or print the individual direction documents by simply clicking on each respective link; alternatively, you can also download the product directions for local storage on your system by right-clicking on a link and choosing "Save Target As". Of course these are directions for Windows users, if you are using a Mac, my suggestion to you would be to contact Dell Computers. ;-)

All product directions are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. If you need to download the Acrobat Reader program you can do so from the following link for free: Adobe Acrobat Reader 

MA03 - Electronic Confetti Launcher
MG01 - Pyrowizard™ Flash Gun
MG02 - Pyrowizard™ Double-Shooting Flash Gun
MG04 - Pyrowizard™ Flint Flasher
MG05 - Pyrowizard™ Finger Flame
MG06 - Thumb Thing
MG07 - Utility Smoke Cup
MG11 - Electronic Flash Wand
MG12 - Double Shooting Flash Wand
MG22 - Flash Silk Vanisher
MG31 - Universal Flash Kit
MG32 - UFK Mini Flash Pot
MG33 - UFK Wide Angle Flash Ejector
MG34 - UFK Flash Gun
MG35 - UFK Ignition System
MU02 - Electronic Flash Pot
MU03 - Mystic Cymbal Flash
MU04 - Mystic Guitar Flash
MU05 - Mystic Guitar Smoke
UL01 - Ultra Color Volcano
UL02 - Ultra Crossfire
UL03 - Ultra Confetti Launcher
UL05 - Ultra Flash Pot
UL06 - Ultra Flash Portal
ULF2 - Ultra 2 Firing Panel
ULF4 - Ultra 4 Firing Panel
ULV01 - Low V Ultra Color Volcano
ULV05 - Low V Ultra Flash Pot
ULV06 - Low V Ultra Flash Portal