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MG35 UFK Ignition System
Pyrowizard™ UFK Ignition System Part #: MG35 Price: $31.95


The UFK Ignition System consists of a battery pack, power switch on mounting flange, and wire leads with Pyro Clips.  This system can be used to fire any Pyrowizard™ UFK (Universal Flash Kit) product. The system requires two AA alkaline batteries (not included) and comes with 6 foot wire leads and a momentary firing switch.  This system also includes 1 optional "dummy battery," which allows the system to power either 3v or 1.5v Glo-Plugs and our IG03 Surefire Igniters.

The power switch mounting flange can be bent or cut as needed for your specific application.  The included Pyro Clips make connecting various UFK products or Surefire Igniters very easy and provides consistent results.  Also, the Pyro Clips are removable from the 6-foot wire leads, allowing the leads to be cut to a shorter length (if needed) and reattached without the use of solder or any specialized tools.

This item is only for use with the UFK product line or other 1.5-3v DC electronics.  It cannot be used as an ignition source for any other professional pyrotechnic effect.


Dimensions: 85" long

Must be 21 years of age * Only sold to professionals * Does not ship outside the USA

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