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Pyrowizard™ UFK Flash Gun Part #: MG34 Price: $20.00


Uses the same barrel as our Pyrowizard™ Electronic Flash Gun and Pyrowizard™ Electronic Flash Wand. You can get the same streaking fireball effect, but coming from almost anywhere. Build it into any prop or piece of scenery. The igniter is a 3 VDC Glo-Plug (included). The gun requires Pyrowizard™ Flash Cotton and Pyrowizard™ Flash Paper (not included) and a Pyrowizard™ UFK Ignition System. (Pyrowizard™ Ignition System requires two AA alkaline batteries - not included.) Reusable igniter included.

IMPORTANT:  DO NOT use Duracell or Energizer Max batteries with these Glo-Plug operated devices. Use regular Energizer or standard alkaline batteries ONLY!


Dimensions: 9/16 diameter x 2-1/2"
Ignition: 3 VDC Glo-Plug

Must be 21 years of age * Only sold to professionals * Does not ship outside the USA

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