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Smoking Props & Sets

From The Odd Couple to Peter Pan, countless shows require smoke to be emitted from a small prop or set piece.

For larger installations and effects, using a professional fog machine will create reliable results. However, many times the use of a standard fogger simply isn't possible due to size restraints (a large fog machine won't fit inside Aladdin's Lamp!).

With the invention of the Tiny Fogger, many new effects can be created when previously impossible. This battery-powered precision fog machine can fit in the palm of your hand and produce up to 20 minutes of continuous fog on a single charge! However, it's small size (3.8 x 1.7 x 1.3 in) might STILL be too large for you application. That's where the following products come into play:

cs102_smoke_cartridges.jpgTo Create Smoke:

MG35 UFK Ignition System
MG32 Mini Flash Pot
IG03 Surefire Igniters
CS21 Slow Cotton
CS104 White or Colored Smoke Cartridges

A small amount of powder is taken from the cartridge and placed into a piece of CS21 Slow Cotton, which has been formed into a "Birds Nest" and placed into the MG32 Mini Flash Pot. An IG03 Surefire Igniter is then inserted, used to ignited the Slow Cotton. Power for the IG03 is supplied by the MG35 Ignition System. When initiated, this will produce a steady stream of smoke, lasting for 3-10 seconds (depending on how much powder you use from the cartridge).  Various colors of smoke can be created.  You can even "layer" the powder from various colors of smoke to create "color-changing" smoke effects.  Some trial and error will be required to figure out the correct proportions, but this can be a lot of fun!

Wizard Tip: our CS21 Slow Cotton will create a small amount of smoke on its own.  If you want more of a "wispy" smoke, you may not even need the smoke cartridges at all.  If you want a wispy smoke effect that lasts for several minutes (or longer), please continue reading below.

Creating a "Wispy" Smoke Effect

Need to have an ash tray wisp smoke throughout a scene? Need a burnt roast to smolder as an actor sets it on a table? Then you need Smoke Cloth.

Smoke Cloth is a specially treated cloth that when ignited produces a wispy smoke. More information on this product can be found HERE.

Smoking Guitars, Lamps, & Other Props

Smoking-Guitar.jpgWhen you need to create larger amounts of smoke from a very small space, you have one option: Smoke Cartridges

These non-pyrotechnic mini cartridges will burn for 45 sec, 90 sec, or 3 minute durations. An IG03 Surefire Igniter is installed directly into the cartridge (sold separately - instructions included) and are initiated by a simple 3-volt DC power source (2 AA batteries).

This is the preferred method for the classic "Smoking Guitar" effect, Aladdin's Lamp, Uncle Fester's Jet-Pack, and hundreds of other applications.

While these cartridges are non-pyrotechnic and do not create an open flame, they do get hot and create real smoke, so care must be given to what they are placed in and/or how they are mounted.