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Pyrowizard™ Surefire Igniters Part #: IG03 Price: $15.00


These quality professional igniters are perfect for all high-voltage and low-voltage applications.

When electricity from a standard battery (approx 3-9 volts) is applied to the igniter leads the igniter's nichrome wire will become immediately hot enough to ignite any of our Flash Paper, Flash Cotton, Slow Cotton, and Smoke Cartridges. These igniters are the only igniters that will ignite our Smoke Cartridges. 

When electricity from a high-voltage source is applied, the igniter tip will "POP" into a burst of sparks.  These are the preferred igniter for all of our ULTRA Flash Products.

They are not re-usable (one igniter required per shot). 8 inch insulated leads.

Wizard Tip: when installing these igniters into our Smoke Cartridges, we highly recommend testing the igniter after installation with a Continuity Tester.

When making your purchase, be sure to choose the proper pack quantity for your needs from the drop-down list.


IG03 - Pack of 12
IG03G - Pack of 144

Igniters Category Information

Unless you're using a pre-made effect, your device will require an igniter. There is only one type of reusable igniter, which is the Spark Wheel Assembly. All other igniters are "one use" items.

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