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Quick Checker II Part #: LVTEST2 Price: $16.00
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The Quick Checker II is a continuity tester for checking all Theatre Effects igniters. Continuity on these products cannot be confirmed with most conventional testers, as the test current used will fire the product being tested. The test current of the Quick Checker is just 10 mA, well below the safe limit of 50 mA. To use, simply touch the leads of the match to the two terminals on the tester; if the LED lights, continuity is indicated. The lithium battery (included) lasts for approximately five years. The Checker conveniently hangs from neck or belt. May be the world's smallest continuity checker tester. Featured in TCI's 1998 "Bride of Widgets We Love".


Dimensions: 1-3/4" x 1" x 1/8"

Igniters Category Information

Unless you're using a pre-made effect, your device will require an igniter. There is only one type of reusable igniter, which is the Spark Wheel Assembly. All other igniters are "one use" items.