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White & Colored Smoke Cartridges Part #: CS102 Price: $26.00


Easy to use; convenient to store; and affordably priced.

When ignited, the powder in these cartridges produce clouds of colored smoke with no flame. Completely non-explosive - safe for handheld devices designed specifically for its use.

Our new White & Colored Smoke Cartridges provide several new options for you to execute your smoke effects:

Our new smoke cartridges are great for stage productions, parades, concerts and sporting events and come in a handy storage case for safe-keeping. (Works great with Chalet Magic's Wiz-Kote illusion and perfect for Smoking Guitar effects)

Our White & Colored Smoke Cartridges are legal in all 50 states and can be shipped without incurring HazMat fees.

When making your purchase, be sure to choose the proper color and effect duration from the drop-down list that will best suit your needs.  45sec, 90 sec, and 3-minute Cartridges are standard stock items and are usually available for immediate shipping; however, 4-minute and 8-minute cartridges are "custom" and require a minimum lead-time of 1-2 weeks.  Call for details.


Use caution as the cartridges/powder burns hot, and the colors will stain objects that are directly next to the stream of smoke. Use White if staining is a concern.
CS102 - White - 45 Seconds - 10 Pack
CS103 - White - 90 Seconds - 10 Pack
CS104 - White - 3 Minutes - 5 Pack
CS105 - White - 4 Minutes - 5 Pack
CS107 - White - 8 Minutes - Singles
CS107-O - Orange - 8 Minutes - Singles
CS104-O - Orange - 3 Minutes - 5 Pack
CS104-BL - Blue - 3 Minutes - 5 Pack
CS104-G - Green - 3 Minutes - 5 Pack
CS104-R - Red - 3 Minutes - 5 Pack
CS104-Y - Yellow - 3 Minutes - 5 Pack
CS104-DG - Dark Grey - 3 Minutes - 5 Pack

Smoke Cartridges & Smoke Effects Category Information

Smoke Cartridges burn slowly, emitting plumes of smoke. They are available in White and five other colors that have varying lengths of duration for the effect. It's safe to put in a handheld device designed specifically for its use. Smoke Cartridges contain the only composition for producing safe, non-toxic colored smoke. Unlike the smoke from Flash Powder, this smoke has an acrid odor, but poses no known health or safety hazards when used responsibly. Shelf-life of these cartridges is three years!

Our Smoke Cartridges are legal in all 50 states. The D.O.T. does not consider it as a regulated explosive and can be shipped by regular FEDEX ground or FEDEX EXPRESS in the air with no HazMat charges being levied.


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