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Pyrowizard™ Utility Smoke Cup Part #: MG07 Price: $24.00

The Pyrowizard™ Utility Smoke Cup is a must for colored smoke lovers. This device enables you to create your favorite colored smoke, right from the palm of your hand. Can also be fitted on any prop; simply screw it down, load it, and strike the wheel. About five seconds later, a mysterious cloud of colored smoke will be seen billowing around your favorite illusion. Perfect for Aladdin's lamp. Requires raw colored smoke powder that can be taken out of our Smoke Cartridges in addition to Slow Cotton (not included).


Dimensions: 1-1/2" diameter x 1"
Ignition: Spark Wheel Assembly

Handheld Devices Category Information

These devices hold Pyrowizard™ Flash Paper, Pyrowizard™Flash Cotton, lighter fluid, Smoke Powder, Electric Sparkle Additive and/or dry ice. (You must not use Flash Powder or Flame Powder in a handheld device.)

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