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Electrical Explosions

Many productions require the effect of a malfunction or explosion of an electrical device. (ex. a television set, light fixture, control panel, etc).  This setup is also popular for creating "bullet hits" or other ricochet effects on props and set pieces, as well as an old-time "Camera Flash" effect.

While there are many ways to achieve this, the below products allow you to build your own custom effect.

Robotics-3.jpgTo Create an Electrical Explosion:

MG35 Ignition System
MG33 Wide Angle Flash Ejector
FP11 Flash Cotton
FC22 Sparkle Additive

Our UFK product line is specifically manufactured to be custom-built into props and set pieces. All products have mounting holes and flanges and come with complete instructions, making installation a breeze!

A small piece of DRY FP11 Flash Cotton (Flash Cotton is shipped wet for safety - be sure to read the directions and dry the product for 24 hours!) is loaded into the MG33 Wide Angle Flash Ejector. Another piece of DRY Flash Cotton (about the size of 1/2 a cotton ball) is fluffed up and treated with a small amount of Sparkle Additive (simply put the piece of cotton in a Ziploc bag, add some Sparkle Additive, and shake it up!) This piece of treated flash cotton is then added to the Wide Angle Flash Ejector. When initiated with the Ignition System, an Electrical Explosion will result!

Each package of Flash Cotton will yield approximately 8-12 shots. Each bottle of Sparkle Additive is enough to treat at least 2 packages of Flash Cotton.

Another option is to have the electrical device smoke (to create the illusion of internal wires "melting" or a machine over-heating).

cs102_smoke_cartridges.jpgTo Create Smoke:

MG35 UFK Ignition System
MG32 Mini Flash Pot
IG03 Surefire Igniters
CS21 Slow Cotton
CS104 White Smoke Cartridges

A small amount of powder is taken from the cartridge and placed into a piece of CS21 Slow Cotton, which has been formed into a "Birds Nest" and placed into the MG32 Mini Flash Pot. An IG03 Surefire Igniter is then inserted, used to ignited the Slow Cotton. Power for the IG03 is supplied by the MG35 Ignition System. When initiated, this will produce a steady stream of smoke, lasting for 3-10 seconds (depending on how much powder you use from the cartridge).

Of course, you don't have to stop there. You can do both effects!

To Create an Electrical Explosion, followed by Smoke:

Follow the above steps for creating smoke, but simply add a small piece of Flash Cotton treated with Sparkle Additive to the top of the Slow Cotton/Smoke Powder "Birds Nest." The heat generated by the burning Slow Cotton will ignite the Flash Cotton - creating an electrical explosion, followed by smoke!

Hopefully the above information gives you some ideas to play around with.