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Young Frankenstein

Another wonderful Mel Brooks adaptation of a classic movie. Like other "movie-to-musical" productions, many directors try to stay as close to the script (and movie) as possible, to the delight of their audiences.

Several moments in this show require the use of some simple special effects, as outlined below:

MG05-Finger-Flame-2.JPGThumb On Fire

Unless you have an infinite supply of actors, it's probably not a good idea to really light your monster's thumb on fire! That's why we have the Finger Flame.

The Finger Flame creates the standard "finger on fire" routine in a surprisingly economical gadget. Not a thumb tip, the Pyrowizard™ Finger Flame is an automatic unit that will deliver a candle-like flame on your command, over and over without refilling.  Requires lighter fluid (not included). Can be easily adapted to fit on the finger or thumb.

Exploding Footlight

Robotics-3.jpgDuring "Puttin' on the Ritz," an exploding footlight puts the monster into a terrifying rampage! This effect can be created very easily (and very economically) by using our Flash Cotton and Sparkle Additive mounted inside of the Wide Angle Flash Ejector, being electronically ignited by the UFK Ignition System. More information on this setup can be found HERE.

We hope these ideas help with your production. Feel welcome to contact us with any questions: 1-800-791-7646