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Phantom of the Opera

Phantom is one of those shows that can be very difficult to produce. Not only does it require an ensemble of extremely talented vocal artists, elaborate period costumes, and dramatic lighting & sound; but the audience has come to "expect" the same caliber of spectacle elements from the original Broadway show (much to the dismay of directors, designers, and producers).

Due to the popularity and constant Broadway revivals, the same effects used on the original production are still available for purchase today! Below is a brief walk-through of these effects and how they are used.

Nimbus-7-cut.jpgLow-lying Fog

Every good Phantom makes his entrances on a cloud of fog! Fog produced from a regular Fog Machine will act like "smoke" and fill the space as such. However, when a more majestic (or earie) fog effect is needed, low-lying fog is the way to go. Fog must be "chilled" to lay low. This is accomplished by ducting the fog through a chiller like the FreezeFog Pro or the LSG PFI9D systems. These machines use liquid CO2 from large tanks to cryogenically chill the fog to well below room temperature, causing it to hug the ground and create the desired effect. Another option is to use a Dry Ice Fogger, which uses dry ice pellets to cause a chemical reaction with hot water; thus creating a beautiful low-lying effect. We highly recommend using the Pea Souper or the Nimbus machines. Both work very well for this effect.

Another idea: Create fog that "cascades" down stairs like a waterfall! Yes - chilled fog will behave much like water and will "fall" down the stairs. This is accomplished by using standard dryer vent ducting to "duct" the chilled fog to the top of a staircase and allow it to cascade down. A very majestic effect!

More information on each of these machines can be found by clicking on the links above or calling our customer service team at 1-800-791-7646.

Phantom Flames

Yes - there actually was a product called the "Phantom Flame!" These specialized Mini Flame Projectors were so popular that they got their own name. While no longer technically available (that product line got phased out several years ago), there are still comparable mini flame projectors available today. It is important to note that these systems DO produce real fire... which could be a REAL problem if not used properly. These items require the use of a Flame Holder and are activated by a professional Pyrotechnic Controller. More information about the setup for professional pyrotechnics and the possible hazards and associated costs can be found on our web page HERE.

If your theatre hasn't use professional pyro before (and doesn't have a licensed pyrotechnician on the crew), there are other options: Pyrotechnic Simulators

Robotics-3.jpgThe Chandelier

Sorry - no - the Wizards at Theatre Effects do not make giant chandeliers that fall on cue. However, we do provide the pyrotechnic devices to create the "malfunction" of your chandelier, exactly the same way as the original production: Robotics & SPDs

A robotic is a pyrotechnic device (similar to an Airburst) that produces an "electrical explosion" of sparks with a small report. SPDs (Spark Producing Devices) are like "mini" robotics packed inside of a small tube. This creates a smaller "focused" shot of sparks. These are very nice if multiple effects are needed to be triggered in a series (as in the original Broadway production).

Again, if your theatre hasn't use professional pyro before (and doesn't have a licensed pyrotechnician on the crew), there are other options for creating Electrical Explosions.

Other Effects

Would you like your Phantom to shoot fire from his hands? If so, the Pyrowizard Flash Gun Kit is what you need. Capable of shooting a fireball of Flash Paper from 5-20 feet, these units really get the job done. Available in a single barrel or double-barrel version, right handed or left handed.

We hope you have found this information helpful with your production. As always, feel welcome to call us with any questions: 1-800-791-7646