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Pyrowizard™ Electronic Flash Gun Kit Part #: MGK01 Price: $64.95
Available in RIGHT and LEFT handed models.


Includes everything you need to shoot fire from your fingertips!

The Pyrowizard™ Electronic Flash Gun is small enough to conceal in your hand, yet creates an effect large enough to astound everyone. It shoots a ball of fire 10-15 feet! The gun is easy to load and use, and comes with complete instructions. No special skill or practice is required. The shooting fireball appears to have been launched from your outstretched fingers.

This Kit contains our extremely popular Pyrowizard™ Electronic Flash Gun, plus enough Pyrowizard™ Flash Paper and Pyrowizard™ Flash Cotton to fire it 16 times. A spare 1.5V Glo-plug is also included. Contents are packed in an attractive clear acrylic box for storage and display.  Makes a unique, fun gift for any responsible adult. ("AA" alkaline battery not included)

Need more than 16 shots?  Simply order an additional package of Flash Paper for another 16 shots!


Always act responsibly when using special effects!

Kit Contains:
(1) MG01 Pyrowizard™ Electronic Flash Gun
(1) FP01 Pyrowizard™ Flash Paper - 4 sheets 8"x9"
(1) FP11 Pyrowizard™ Flash Cotton - 4 gram packet
(1) IG21 1.5 Volt Glo-Plug

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