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Candle Lite Sticks, 5" & 12" Part #: EF03 Price: $65.00


Our EF02 (12") & EF03 (5") Candle Lite Sticks are absolutely amazing! These electronic candles are complete and ready-to-use. Operates from a 9V battery, or use our optional EF04 Power Adapter single candles or EF05 for up to six candles that can be ordered separately. These little wonders are are also dimmable.

These electronic candles give a truly realistic flame-like appearance. Used wherever fire laws prohibit real flame, they are ideal on stages and in public haunted houses. The candles are superbly designed and constructed devices, featuring a tiny logic circuit and three very bright bulbs.

The logic circuit controls the flicker of the bulbs to simulate the look of a real candle. The bulb closest to the base of the candle flickers very slowly, the middle bulb a little faster and the top bulb flickers quickly and simulates the dancing flame of a burning candle. The three bulbs are encased in a flame shaped translucent shell to protect them and to soften and diffuse the flicker effect.  

The 9-volt battery hides in the bottom of the stick.  A built-in power switch discreetly hidden into the back of the candle allows the user to easily "blow-out" the flame with ease.

Click Below To See A MPG Movie...Which One Is The Real Candle?
Video Demo


Voltage: 9V
EF03 - 1.375" diameter x 5"
EF02 - 1.375" diameter x 12"

EF03 - 5" Candle Lite Stick - $51.00
EF02 - 12" Candle Lite Stick - $56.00 

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