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Candle Lite Kit Part #: EF01
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Our EF01 Candle Lite Kit is absolutely amazing! These electronic candles give a truly realistic flame-like appearance. Used wherever fire laws prohibit real flame, they are ideal on stages and in public haunted houses. The candles are superbly designed and constructed devices, featuring a tiny logic circuit and three very bright bulbs.

The logic circuit controls the flicker of the bulbs to simulate the look of a real candle. The bulb closest to the base of the candle flickers very slowly, the middle bulb a little faster and the top bulb flickers quickly and simulates the dancing flame of a burning candle. The three bulbs are encased in a flame shaped transulcent shell to protect them and to soften and diffuse the flicker effect.

The candles operate on 9 volts DC from either a battery or a remote power supply and they are dimmable. The Kit contains a small printed circuit board and electronic candle tip. Build it into your own prop.

Click Below To See A MPG Movie...Which One Is The Real Candle?
Video Demo


Voltage: 9V
Dimensions: PCB: 5/8" x 2"
Candle Tip: 3/8" x 1", 10" leads 

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