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RapidFire 12S Sequencer Part #: LMH1127A Price: $1,265.00


The RapidFire 12S is a 12 channel, electronically initiated firing system, specifically designed for use with Le Maitre's pyrotechnics fitted with Standard Pod sockets and Pro quick connects.

The system gives you the ability to fire up to 12 channels singularly or in step-fire mode. It can also fire up to 12 channels in a speed sequence set by the operator. There is no individual physical channel isolation.


  • Has both 3-pin XLR (US Version) and turret connections, so is suitable for Pyroflash and wired effects
  • Capacitive discharge firing pulses ensures correct firing energy
  • High current rugged discrete control mosfets
  • Single, Auto-step, and Auto-run modes
  • Reset, Select and Preview buttons
  • A Lockout to 'no channel selection' after the 12th channel firing prevents 'loop around'
  • Main internal or external input power socket for d.c. voltage supplies from 18-36 Volts
  • Analog 'Rate' control - 1 sec per ignition up to 15 ignitions per second


Size L xWxH: 11.25 x 12 x 3.15 inches
Weight: 8 lbs 

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