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Pyroflash Stars Part #: LM1201 Price: $79.76

Additional HAZMAT Fees Apply.

Case/12 Cartridges


Pyroflash Silver Stars produce a dense plume of silver sparks reaching up to 13ft high, followed by a pure white mushroom cloud of smoke that rises upwards.

Also available in Gold, these cartridges produce a mushroom cloud of smoke with thousands of tiny golden stars. They have less of a flash than the Silver Stars, so it is ideal for a more subtle effect in low ambient light or for TV cameras.

Product sold by the dozen. Each box will contain 12 cartridges.

Silver Star Video          Silver Star Video - Green          Silver Star Video - Red/Green

Golden Star Video

Please Note: Pyroflash cartridges require the use of a Flash Pod and a Le Maitre Pyro Controller.

Effect Dimensions:

Silver Stars
Small: 7'(H) x 3'(W)
Medium: 10'(H) x 8'(W)
Large: 13'(H) x 12'(W)

Golden Star: 10'(H) x 4'(W)

Note: These products do produce some hot fallout. 


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