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COBRA 6M SPFX Module Part #: WF6M Price: $389.00



After years of research and design, the COBRA 6M SPFX (Special Effects) Module is finally available. The 6M is a compact, pocketable, 6-cue firing module for SPFX applications. An optional mounting bracket supports varying mounting options, including screw holes and slots for bands and straps.

With a very simple change in programming, the 6M is capable of firing either Professional Pre-packaged Pyro (with standard Electric Matches) as well as our non-regulated IG03 Surefire Igniters.  Wires are attached by use of a special terminal adapter, which uses screws to attach the igniter wires.  A mini-screwdriver is included.

Requires the use of the COBRA 18R2 Pro Remote (sold separate).


Key Features

  • Compact Design
    The 6M was designed to be compact, pocketable, and wearable. Measuring only 3.5" (9cm) wide, 3.2" (8.2cm) tall, and only 0.9" (2.3mm) thick. All edges on the module are rounded to help facilitate easier pocketability without hard edges. Using the mounting bracket, you can attach the unit to varying surfaces or harnesses of your own design.
  • Aluminum Enclosure
    The 6M is built inside a heat and water-resistant, powder-coated aluminum enclosure. The strong enclosure will protect the module against drops and other physical damage.
  • Rechargeable
    The 6M includes an internal 14.8V 550mAh rechargeable LiPo battery. This battery supports up to 22 hours of active operation or 66 hours of sleep mode operation. The battery is removable and can be replaced if needed. Charger sold separate (can be purchased with the unit in the drop-down menu options above)
  • Recessed Power Switch
    The power switch on the 6M is recessed within the side of the enclosure. This aims to prevent accidental power on/off when the module is being worn or brushed up against surfaces.
  • Dark Mode
    Acting primarily an SPFX device, the 6M comes with a 'dark mode' that allows the unit to operate without any lights or LEDS. Simply press the LIGHT button for three seconds and all lights will turn off. The unit will still arm and fire normally, however, all LEDS will be off. To turn them back on, press and hold the LIGHT button for three seconds again, or power the unit and back on.
  • Cue Selection
    The 6M has the ability to switch between which 'set' of cues you are using, 1- 6, 7 - 12, and 13 - 18. By default, the 6M will function as cues 1 - 6 for the selected channel. By pressing TEST and CH+ or TEST and CH- at the same time, you can change this to use cues 7 - 12, or cues 13 - 18. 1, 7, or 13 will display to confirm the active mode. Once you set the module to the desired mode, this is retained in memory even after being powered off. The cue set will display during the startup sequence.
  • Membrane Keypad
    Rather than use a keypad with traditional buttons, the 6M uses a membrane keypad. This allows the buttons to be placed closer to the module for a more compact design. The buttons are 'bump proof', meaning they do not act immediately when pressing, instead, they activate after being pressed and held down. This prevents operators from accidentally making changes they did not intend to. Additionally, there is an airtight gasket around this keypad, preventing moisture or debris from entering the unit.



Dimensions: 9cm x 8.2cm x 2.3cm / 3.5" x 3.2" x 0.9"
Weight: 9.5 oz. / 270 grams

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