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Stage Boss™ Part #: AE08 Price: $230.00


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The all new Stage Boss™ is a  mechanical remote version of our extremely popular Boss™. The barrel is mounted on a heavy adjustable base and the firing lever is at the end of a 25 foot industrial air hose (instead of being attached to the bottom of the barrel itself).

Capable of shooting our 50' streamers 70-80 feet into the air, The Stage Boss™ is perfect for large productions & events, indoors our out! Unlike our other professional cannons, The Stage Boss™ can hold 2+ sleeves of any Confetti or Streamers, making twice the impact with your audience.

Extremely versatile, yet low in price. It features a quick connect barrel system, so additional barrels and be pre-loaded, ready to fire again in seconds.  The barrel can also be removed from the base and mounted with the optional 1" Adapter to a truss, batten or scenic device, allowing for remote aerial shots. (adapter sold separately)


  • Power: 16 g. CO2, 2" Lift Cup, 2" Cannon Cap
  • Remote: 25-foot Hose (expandable to 50 feet)
  • Dimensions: 18" x 2" Barrel, 13.5 x 12" Base
  • Weight: 21 lbs.

What's Included

1 x Stage Boss Re-loadable Cannon
1 x 25-foot Extension Hose
1 x Adjustable Weighted Base
1 x Trigger Assembly
1 x Insulated 16g CO2 Cover
1 x Ramrod
Detailed Instructions

Required Accessories (sold separate)

AE62 2" Cannon Caps
AE63 2" Lift Cups
AE51D 16g CO2 Cylinders

...plus whatever product (confetti, streamers, or both) you wish to shoot!


Confetti & Streamer Cannons Category Information

This section is devoted to confetti and streamer cannons with barrels smaller than 2" in diameter. All of these confetti and streamer cannons use disposable C02 cylinders to propel the cannon's contents into the air. Most of these cannons are handheld, with mechanical trigger valves mounted at the bottom of the barrel. You screw a C02 cylinder into the valve, and then press on the lever to fire the cannon.

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