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Cannon Caps™ Part #: AE61 Price: $3.00
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After your professional confetti cannon has been loaded with your choice of product, a Cannon Cap™ should be placed over the end of the barrel and secured tightly with tape.  When the cannon is fired, the Cannon Cap™ works in tandem with the Lift Cup™ to build pressure, until finally the cap blows off and your payload is lifted high into the sky. Caps should be secured with 2-3 full revolutions of masking tape (AE60), unless your product directions indicate otherwise. Pack of 12.

When making your purchase, be sure to choose the proper size Cannon Caps™ and box quantity for your needs from the drop-down list.


AE61 - 1" Cannon Cap™
AE62 - 2" Cannon Cap™
AE68 - 4" Cannon Cap™ 

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