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Double Electric Air Cannon Part #: AE04 Price: $785.00


Our Biggest and Baddest Cannon!

A double-barrel version of our popular AE03 Electric Air Cannon. This monster delivers 2X the payload without requiring additional stage space.

Shoots 50 foot streamers up to 100 feet high and has a huge capacity when optional larger barrels are used. The included 5 gallon air tank must be filled from an air compressor (or be tied into a constant replenishing air cylinder tank - available from your local gas supplier, eliminating the need for manual refills). Perfect for large stages, mobile tours, or permanent installations at theme parks.

Designed for arenas, stadiums, and outdoor applications.

Features a built-in safety release, two types of filling valves, a pressure gauge and an electric release solenoid valve (3/4 inch high volume type). Cannon fires as soon as it is plugged in, or if connected to an electrical switchbox, as soon as it is switched on. Can also be fired from a DMX lighting console using a DMX relay. Use of a momentary switch recommended to help save pressure for the next shot. (With a momentary, you can get 2 shots out of the air tank before refilling.)

Replacement Barrels can also be purchased for even faster re-loading!

Cannon can also be custom ordered with 12v or 220V solenoids, as well as different barrel sizes and lengths. Call us for more details: 1-800-791-7646


Power: Air, 2" Lift Cup, 2" Cannon Cap
Remote: 120 VAC Electric
Dimensions: 24" x 2" Barrel (each), 10.5" x 15.5" Tank
Weight: 30 lbs.

Confetti & Streamer Cannons Category Information

This section is devoted to confetti and streamer cannons with barrels smaller than 2" in diameter. All of these confetti and streamer cannons use disposable C02 cylinders to propel the cannon's contents into the air. Most of these cannons are handheld, with mechanical trigger valves mounted at the bottom of the barrel. You screw a C02 cylinder into the valve, and then press on the lever to fire the cannon.

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