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Large Barrel Cannons

Cannons with barrels ranging in size from 2"-4" diameter, designed for arenas, stadiums, mall and hotel atriums, and outdoor applications. Only one model is handheld - the rest are either mechanical remote (trigger valve for C02 cylinder mounted at the end of a 25' long 1/4" diameter hose) or electric remote (cannon fires as soon as you plug it in - use of an electrical switchbox recommended).

These cannons use a refillable tank of compressed air, making them an economical choice for long tours and permanent installations.

Tour Boss™
Professional Air Cannon
Electric Air Cannon
Double Electric Air Cannon
Ultra 2 Foot Switch
Spare Barrel with Quick-Connect for AE03 & AE04
3/4" Electric Solenoid Valve
For AE01, AE03 & AE04