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Ultratec Pre-loaded Flash Pots

PYROPAK Flashpots create a flash of light with smoke and a bang. Three sizes are available. The Small (1/2” diameter x 3” tall tube) creates a small bang and flash approximately 4 feet tall and 1-2 feet in diameter. The Medium (1/2” diameter x 3” tube) creates a larger flash and bang at 6 feet tall, and 1-2 feet in diameter. The Large (3/4” diameter x 4” tall tube) creates the largest flash and bang, at a finished effect size of 8 feet tall and approximately 3 feet in diameter. Suggested minimum vertical clearance is 15'. Each pre-loaded flashpot is sold with a match installed that has a standard lead length of approximately 36". 

PyroPAKŪ Flashpots - Large
PyroPAKŪ Flashpots - Medium
PyroPAKŪ Flashpots - Small