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Theatre Effects Fog Cabin Part #: FG-CABIN Price: $160.00

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Using The Fog Cabin is pretty straight forward. Simply fill the large-capacity cavity with ice above the mesh tri-baffle system inside the Fog Cabin; close the lid and lock the latches; shoot fog in through the intake and out of the front of The Fog Cabin will come low-lying fog! 20 lbs. of ice will last hours.

  • Works with any fog machine
  • Durable & Long-Lasting
  • 20 lbs of ice last hours ($4.00 - $6.00 at most convenient stores)
  • No additional electricity required

Wizard Hints & Tips:

There is no need to use dry-ice with The Fog Cabin (matter of fact, we found it works best with regular ice). A 20 lb. bag of ice seems to fit quite well, which can be purchased at most any convenience-type store for around $4.00 - $5.00.

Although there is a gasket that has been affixed between the lid and body of unit, there is still a small amount of cold fog that will leak out the top of the lid when in operation. We didn’t find that this hampered the effect, but if you do not want any leakage to take place, simply place some gaffers or duct tape around the seam where the lid meets the body of the unit.

Be sure to leave at least an inch of airspace between your fogger’s output nozzle and the opening to the intake coupling of The Fog Cabin. It is very important that you do not stick the output nozzle of the fogger directly into the intake valve.

We found that when The Fog Cabin is completely full of ice, that it would last for approximately 3 to 4 hours without needing to add more ice (using moderate fogging intervals).

If you would like to duct your fog to a specific location by using regular dryer vent hose that can be purchased at any hardware store or home center. Use gaffers tape or duct tape to ensure your dryer vent hose stays in place and disallows leaking of fog by affixing the dryer vent hose to the output duct on the front of The Fog Cabin.

Remember, as The Fog Cabin is chilling fog, it is also slowly melting the ice that is laying on top of the mesh tri-baffling system. Be sure to occasionally pop the water-release plug on the side of The Fog Cabin, thus allowing water to drain. We bought some plastic tubing and attached it to the water-release plug so that our unit could drain all by itself when the water reached a level that it could escape through the plug. This would be a good idea if you are using The Fog Cabin over an extended period of time.

Realize that in windy outdoor atmospheric conditions or inside with HVAC systems running, all fog will eventually rise, even with the $4000 Low-Lying Fog Generators out on the market. The same applies to the low-lying fog generated from our Fog Cabin. Keep this in mind when planning your effect.

That’s about it! Experiment with your Fog Cabin and have a great time!


Power: No Power Needed
Initial Warm-up: None Needed
Output: It Will Pump Out As Much As You Pump In!!!
Fog Machine: Required But Not Included

Product Quantities & Prices:

Sold In Single Units

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