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Ultratec Show Fogger Part #: FG-4400 Price: $1,426.34

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This product has been included in the “Equipment Based Guidelines For the Use of Theatrical Smoke and Haze” that has been prepared with the support of Equity-League Pension and Health Trust Funds, ESTA, et al.


Theatrical fog machines create fog by vaporizing a special, safe and non-toxic water-based fluid. When used according to instructions they leave no residue. Fog greatly enhances any lighting effect. It's used extensively in haunted houses, nightclubs, concerts and theaters. Most fog machines include a wired remote control.

Your audience and customers depend on you for quality fog performance. That is why you need to depend on a quality fogger!

We would like to introduce Ultratec's Show Fogger that is ideal for rental houses, show tours, productions, and anyone else who needs an impressive, reliable fog machine they can depend on, time and time again.


0% - 40% more fog output than its G100 predecessor from a re-engineered heat exchanger. The Show Fogger is microprocessor-regulated to deliver a maximum initial burst and steady, consistent, continuous fog output that just won't quit.

Design Ingenuity For Maximum Reliability

A simplified modular layout using proven technology for dependable results, including: a large heating block, a sturdy pump, a cast heater for enhanced heat transfer, electro-mechanical over temperature protection, and Ultratec's cutting-edge Rapid Change Technology™ heat exchanger design.

Attractive Durability

A 1-gallon (3.8-liter) "no leak" integrated fluid reservoir that will operate at any angle, a special heavy-duty powder-coated hammer-tone finish resists scratches and wear, and a built-in handle balances off a sleek, rugged chassis.

Service & Reliability

Ultratec's standard One-Year Warranty on all parts and service, a Lifetime Warranty on the heat exchanger, plus the best after-sale service in the industry (including a toll-free direct phone number to a service representative for any Ultratec product user).

Unprecedented Value

Comes standard with a 25-foot illuminated deluxe remote, a built-in 4-inch hose adapter, and a spare replacement Rapid Change Block Rebuild Kit, all for much less than any other fogger in its class!

What Is Rapid Change Technology™?

Now you can quickly and easily make a capillary tube change on the fly, wherever your fog machine is with Ultratec's innovative Rapid Change Technology™ (RCT) heat exchanger design. The Stage Fogger's RCT design ingeniously overcomes a fog machine's biggest service issue: a plugged heating block, due to normal wear-and-tear.

Features of the FG-4400 Show Fogger:

  • Microprocessor Controlled.
  • Continuous Fog Output.
  • Heavy Duty Powder Coated Chassis.
  • Electro-Mechanical Over Temperature Protection.
  • 1-Gallon (3.8-Liter) "NO LEAK" Integrated Fluid Reservoir.
  • New Rapid Change™ Heat Exchanger Design.
  • Includes A Rapid Change™ Replacement Kit.
  • Illuminated Fog Ready Switch On The Remote.
  • Includes Full Function Timer Remote Control.
  • New RJ45 Neutrik Connector With 25-Foot Cable.
  • Applications: Stages, Show Tours, Haunted Attractions, Clubs, Rental Houses, Dance Floors and Mobile DJs.


  • Power: 110V/120V
  • Heater: 1,250 Watts
  • Fuse Type: 10 Amps @ 115V
  • Tank Capacity: 1 Gallon/ 3.8 Liters
  • Warm-up Time: 5 minutes
  • Fog Output: 15,000 cubic ft./min.
  • Net Weight: 25lbs.
  • Net Weight w/Fluid: 35 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 30 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 22-1/2"L x 9-3/8"W x 9-1/2"H
  • Power Cord: 6 Foot
  • Regulatory Compliance: CSA, UL Certified

Accessories Available:

Road Case (call for details)
Remote Extension Cable (call for details)
Truss Hanging Bracket (call for details)

* NOTE: This product does not qualify for flat-rate shipping.  Exact shipping fees will be charged.  Please call us for more details or to obtain a freight quote.
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