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Mylar (Metallic) Confetti
Stacked & Sleeved
Part #: CF32M Price: $11.00

Easily the most purchased confetti product that we carry.

3/4 inch x 2 inch rectangles made of eye-catching mylar. Due to its shape, this confetti falls slowly, spinning as it drifts down to the ground. Comes in a convenient Speed-Load package; simply cut the end of the packaging and allow desired amount of stacks to slide out into your cannon.  

Each sleeve contains 10 stacks.  If you are unsure of the number of sleeves you will be needing for the cannons you are using, just give us a call and we can easily help you out.

Why stacked and wrapped? Because it gives the confetti more bulk, which means it can travel further before coming out of its wrapping, providing a better looking and longer-lasting effect.

Available in Multicolor, Red/Silver/Blue mix, Gold and Silver. Also available in solid colors (Blue, Green, Lime Green, Pink, Purple, Orange, Red, Turquoise, Yellow). Please allow sufficient lead time for large orders of solid colors.


CF32M - Stacked Mylar Confetti, 10 stacks / 700+ pc per stack (FR)

All of our confetti products are available in large BULK amounts for tours and big events.