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Theatre Effects Tiny Fluid
Part #: FG91 Price: $15.00
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(Available in 8 oz. & 32 oz. Bottles)

This glycol-based fog fluid for Tiny Foggers is extremely concentrated. Do not use regular fog fluid in these machines. (Other fog fluids contain a significant amount of water, consuming valuable battery power to make useless steam.) The 1.5 oz. fluid tank used in the Tiny Fogger and Tiny Compact will yield 20 minutes of continuous fog output. Tiny Fluid is available in 8 oz. (FG91) and 32 oz. (FG91Q) bottles.

Manufactured by Theatre Effects with the same high standards since we introduced this product to the North American market.

When making your purchase, be sure to choose the proper size bottle for your needs from the drop-down list.


FG91 - 8 oz. bottle
FG91Q - 32 oz. bottle

Theatre Effects Premium Fog Fluids Category Information

Our glycol/water-based fog fluid contains the safest, purest ingredients available. Our World Famous Fog Fluids are blended to meet the stringest requirements of Hollywood and Broadway productions. It can be used in both Popular Fog Machines and Professional Fog Machines to make clouds of thick, billowy fog. The effect actually looks like smoke; however, these machines do create fog (consists of liquid droplets), not smoke (consists of dry particles). Using only Theatre Effects World Famous Fog Fluid in your fog machines that utilize water-based fluid will ensure years and years of added performance; not to mention you never need to clean your machine regardless of what the instructions say that come with your machine (in most cases cleaning a fogger is one of the worst things you can do). Just keep our fog fluid in the tank (never run a machine dry for storage), put it away, and it will be ready the next time you need it!