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ROBOTICS Part #: LMP503 Price: $9.80

Additional HAZMAT Fees Apply.



Also known as Electronic Fault Simulators, Robotics are used in film and tv to reproduce electrical faults in fuse boxes and other equipment. The effect is a small white flash followed by a burst of silver sparks and white smoke.

Robotics create an "electrical explosion" of sparks and are also used for large-caliber bullet simulations on metal objects. These are also very popular in theatrical productions.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • Small (4-6 feet diameter effect)
  • Medium (6-8 feet diameter effect
  • Large (8-10 feet diameter effect)
  • Extra Small (1-2 feet diameter effect)

Product Videos

Robotic - Small
Robotic - Medium
Robotic - Large

NOTE: These items, as with all professional pyro, are sold to qualified professionals only. Call us with any questions: 1-800-791-7646


Safety Data Sheet
Robotics MSDS