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MICRODETS Part #: LM1227 Price: $12.85

Additional HAZMAT Fees Apply.



A Microdet is a miniature maroon housed in a plastic or non-fragmental (cardboard) casing. It is used to simulate bullet hits on walls or ground, particularly in film and TV. These are NOT "Bullet Squibs" and are not to be used for simulating bullet hits on actors!

Safety trials should be conducted in advance to ascertain the suitability of noise levels.  These will produce some flying debris.

Product Videos

Microdet (reg)
Microdet (non-frag)
Microdet (non-frag, 1/2 load)

NOTE: These items, as with all professional pyro, are sold to qualified professionals only. Call us with any questions: 1-800-791-7646


  • NEQ(g) per effect: 0.15
  • Fallout: No
  • Cap/Capless:
  • Tube OD (mm): 6 reg, 9.5 non-frag
  • Tube Length (mm): 30 reg, 33 non-frag
  • Noise: Max 110dB (at 5m/15ft indoors).

Microdet MSDS
Non-Frag Microdet MSDS