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Wizard Snow™
Artificial Theatrical Snow
Part #: CF74 Price: $10.00
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Perfect for Snow Cradles!

We first want to say that being able to get a good photograph of an all-white product... is not an easy task. You are going to have to take our word on how good the product actually looks, or really use your imagination. For that, we apologize.

Wizard Snow™ is plastic flakes that look surprisingly authentic in the air and ground. Our new version gives an even more realistic effect! Excellent for doing snow drops from above or for creating fresh fallen snowscapes.  This is also the most popular product for use in a traditional Snow Cradle.

Wizard Tip: Adding a small amount of our Opal Iridescent Mylarfetti creates more of an "icy snow" effect.  We recommend approx. 1 lb of Opal Mylarfetti for every 10 lbs of Wizard Snow.  Very magical!

Not only is Wizard Snow™ the best cut plastic snow on the market, you can now buy 30 lbs cheaper than our old 25 lb bulk rate, giving you even more snow to be creative with!

When making your purchase, choose the proper quantity to meet your needs from the drop-down list.


CF74 - Wizard Snow™, lb. (FR)
CF74T - Wizard Snow™, 10 lbs. (FR)
CF74TF - Wizard Snow™, 30 lbs. (FR)

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