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Tissue Confetti
Stacked & Sleeved
Part #: CF32-UV Price: $10.00


Without doubt, this is the most popular confetti product with our customers.  And now it's even better - it GLOWS under ultra-violet lighting!

Made of 3/4 inch x 2 inch rectangles of thin UV-sensitive tissue. Due to its shape, this tissue confetti falls slowly, spinning and flipping over and over again as it drifts down to the ground. Comes in a convenient Speed-Load package; simply cut the end of the plastic packaging and allow your desired amount of stacks to slide out into your cannon. Each stack is held together by a band of tissue of the same color.  Each sleeve containes two stacks each of all 5 colors (Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Pink).

Why stacked and wrapped? Because it gives the confetti more bulk, which means it can travel further before coming out of its wrapping, providing a better looking and longer-lasting effect.

Each sleeve consists of 10 stacks of confetti.  If you are unsure of the number of sleeves you will be needing for the cannons you are using, just give us a call and we can easily help you out.

Each sleeve contains two stacks each of all 5 colors (Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Pink).

If you would like to special order sleeves of solid colors, simply call 1-800-791-7646 and tell us what you need.

Please Note: it is very difficult to photograph glowing UV colors.  This product looks MUCH better in real life!


CF32-UV - Stacked Tissue Confetti, 10 stacks / 400+ pc per stack (FR)

All of our confetti products are available in large bulk amounts for tours and big events.

Air Cannon Tissue Confetti Category Information

All confetti is not created equal! If comparing, be sure to compare apples to apples. Most of our confetti is made from brightly colored tissue paper, so it shoots farther and hangs in the air longer. Also, since tissue paper is so light, the price per lb. can be misleading. It may take 2 lbs. of party store confetti to fill a cannon barrel, but only 1/2 lb. of our tissue confetti. The party store confetti might be $10.00 per lb., and our confetti might be $20.00 per lb., but in this case it would actually be cheaper to fill a barrel with our confetti than the party confetti. Plus you and your audience will get a better effect! (Confetti that consists of tiny pieces of heavy paper like party stores carry means a mediocre shot from a cannon, at best.) 

Did you know that the colors of Flame Resistant confetti are brighter than Non-Flame Resistant confetti? Feel free to call one of our Customer Service Representatives with any questions you may have about any of our Confetti, Streamer products or Air Cannons.

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