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Breakaway Beer Bottles Part #: BR-BEERBL Price: $176.72

* NOTE: This product does not qualify for flat-rate shipping.
Exact shipping fees will be charged.  Estimated Shipping
cost is $35 per case. Supplies are limited.
Please call us to obtain a full quote.

Looks just like the real thing!

Packed six per style per case. (Sorry! We can only ship full cases - no partials.) When making your purchase, be sure to choose the proper size and color for your needs from the drop-down list.


BR-BEERBL - Brown Long Neck, 6 pcs.
BR-BEERBS - Brown Short Neck, 6 pcs.
BR-BEERGL - Green Long Neck, 6 pcs.
BR-BEERGS - Green Short Neck, 6 pcs.
BR-BEERCL - Clear Long Neck, 6 pcs.
BR-BEERCS - Clear Short Neck, 6 pcs.

Important Shipping Information For Breakaways!!!
Unlike other brands, we guarantee that our breakaway bottles will arrive intact when shipped via UPS, by us to your location (one trip only). However, we will not guarantee plates, glasses, vases or panes (nor will any other company in the industry). Please read the following important information.

Bottles only - these can be shipped by UPS. We will replace goods broken in transit provided you notify us of any breakage within 36 hours of receipt of goods and follow the proper procedures as explained by one of our Customer Service Representatives. Alternatively, we will give full credit for the broken items if you choose not to have them replaced.

All other breakaways - any breakaway product that is not a bottle is not guaranteed by us to arrive intact. They are sold at your risk. We will only ship these products by air, on your account. (Use of your account allows you to make a damage claim against the carrier if you desire.) We have had very good luck when shipping via FedEx Priority Overnight and we recommend that you choose this method of delivery. However, we will not make claims for broken products with the carrier on your behalf, and we will not replace items unless you reorder them at the original cost.

Breakaway Glass Effects Category Information

These are simulated glass products made from a special plastic resin. They are typically used in stage and film productions where the script calls for a bottle or glass to be broken. Packed six per style per case. (Sorry! We can only ship full cases - no partials.) NOTE: ALL PRICES ARE PER CASE.