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Don't know what a Dimmer/Relay Pack is? Give us a call and we can let you know whether or not you need one for your application.
This reliable DMX Dimmer/Relay pack is a 4-channel unit featuring two Edison plugs per channel, with each channel independently addressable. In addition, each separate channel can be configured as either dimmer or relay. This particular DMX Dimmer/Relay Pack features 16 user-selectable chase patterns, a variable electronic dimmer and LED display. Designed for truss mounted applications with easy access to fuse replacement.

Control Features:

  • 4-channel DMX-512 dimmer / switch pack
  • Each channel can be set to any DMX address
  • Variable electronic dimmer (0-100%)
  • Each channel can be set as either dimmer or relay

Additional Features:

  • 16 user-selectable chase patterns
  • Adjustable speed control and dimming without DMX
  • 2 Edison plugs per channel


Input voltage equals output voltage
Output: 5A per channel, 15A max
AC Power: Autoswitching 100V-240V 50/60Hz
Dimensions: 8.3" x 7.7" x 2.8"
Weight: 5 lbs.

DMX Controllers & Relays Category Information

Take control of your lights! Theaters, Concerts, DJs, Clubs, Haunts, Churches, Residential Parties, or Special Events. There is control to be had for every occasion. Expand your lighting design with DMX controllers and dimmers. Give yourself control over all of your fixtures individually or in groupings to achieve multiple looks all from the same lighting set up. No more being stuck with only “all on” or “all off” set ups. Integrate conventional lighting with your LED and automated lighting. Take control of your LED and automated fixtures for unique transitions, coloring, intensity, and a variety of other features.

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