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MU02 Electronic Flash Pot

Let's face facts, pyrotechnics are fun -- fun to watch, fun to see and fun to sell. Big budget movies, professional wrestling and rock concerts have made fire and smoke a common part of today's entertainment. More and more entertainers are looking to add pyrotechnics to their acts, which can present a small problem.

Most of our pyrotechnic devices are designed to be fired offstage by an operator, not by the performer themselves. This means that a performer looking to add pyro to their show has to find -- and possibly pay -- an assistant for what may only be one small part of the overall act. Also, rehearsals can become more complicated as the performer learns to adjust to the explosion and not look as surprised as the audience presumably is.

For a theatrical production with the time and money for added personnel and rehearsal time, these problems can be easily overcome. For an individual entertainer or a smaller group, however, this may mean having to abstain from pyrotechnics.

But there is hope -- of course there's hope, you don't think I'd be writing this just to bum you out, do you? And that hope is our line of devices designed specifically with solo entertainers in mind. Specifically, I'd like to focus on the Electronic Flash Pot (#MU02). Like our other flash pots, the MU02 is designed to be loaded with white, red or green flash powder. The difference lies in how the MU02 is triggered. Most flash pots have an ignitor that is fired from an offstage firing panel; the MU02 is hardwired to a footswitch on a six foot cord.

So, who would use the Electronic Flash Pot? The simple answer is...anyone! Once loaded, the MU02 is simple enough for a child to operate, just step on the switch and your effect will fire. Following are some specific entertainers for whom the MU02 would be preferable to a device fired from offstage.

Small touring theatrical groups -- often, these groups are short-handed in the tech department, with one person running lights and sound for the show, as well as setting and breaking down the scenery. One frazzled technician trying to sync a lighting fade, sound cue and a pyro effect does not make for a safe show. In this case, letting an actor trigger the effect may be the best solution. Also, having a battery operated device can be a blessing when the venue changes from night to night and the availability of power is not guaranteed.

Magicians -- flash pots are great for misdirection. Nothing gets an audience to look where you want them to better than a flash of light and puff of smoke! Getting the flash to fire exactly when the magician wants the audience looking "over there" and not before or after, is best achieved when the effect is controlled directly by the magician. Being able to use the flash pot regardless of available power can often mean the difference between doing a trick or leaving it out. Also, a lack of power cables running across the stage can definitely add to the magical aspect of the effect.

Exotic dancers -- more and more, feature dancers and house dancers alike are making use of pyrotechnics in their shows. It has been shown that dancers who use special effects in their shows earn higher tips than those who don't. However, many dancers either lack a trustworthy assistant to fire the effects for them, or would prefer to have any explosions taking place in close proximity to them under their personal control.

These are just a few of the many types of entertainer that may find the MU02 a preferable alternative to a standard flash pot. Clowns, rock bands, even science teachers could all benefit from a portable, battery-operated flash pot. The low price of Electronic Flash Pots has always made them attractive in the past, but this week's special makes them darned near irresistible. 


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