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MG04 Flint Flasher

There are times when you may need to create a pyrotechnic effect, but for some reason cannot use a standard flash pot or cartridge. Your special effects budget, the size of venue, local laws or other limitations can definitely put a kink in your pyrotechnic plans. At times like these, handheld devices will often work where larger devices are, for whatever reason, inappropriate.

The Flint Flasher is a great example of a handheld device that can "stand in" for a larger device quite nicely. Say your effect calls for the entrance of a wizard, ghost or other magical type. Give the performer a Flint Flasher loaded with a piece of flash cotton that has been coated with Electric Sparkle Additive. In darkness, the performer enters and strikes the flint wheel, igniting the flash cotton and creating a quick burst of orange flame with white, crackling sparkles. Immediately bring lights up on the performer and, hey presto, magical appearance!

If you're like me, you know that the real fun at Halloween is not had by the trick-or-treaters but by those of us giving out the treats...and tricks. The "magical appearance" described above can be easily worked into a spooky trick-or-treat scene. Imagine, the kids approach your darkened porch and the door opens onto an even darker interior. "Too dark for you?" asks a creepy voice, "Here's a little light..." At which point you ignite the Flint Flasher, followed by a strobe light, black light, or even your porch light. The burst of flame followed by the lights heightens the overall effect, and virtually ensures a good shriek or two.

What's great about using the Flint Flasher is that you can create a spectacular looking effect without the expense or hazards of using larger flash devices. For scenes where the effect will occur close to other performers or the audience, a smaller effect is desirable. Also, the handheld device gives control of the effect to the performer, rather than an offstage technician. This not only allows the performer complete control over the timing of the effect, but also may increase safety as the performer can see more than somebody "backstage" might.

(Safety Note: The Flint Flasher can be safely used in close proximity to trick-or-treaters when it's just loaded with Flash Cotton. However, when Electric Sparkle Additive is also used, then care must be taken to insure that sparks do not land on furniture, carpet, trick-or-treaters, etc.) 


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