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Saying Goodbye To Ol' Man Winter: Part II

Nathan wrote this tech tip a while back, and some of the info duplicates what Paul just in the Ol' Man Winter Part I, but there are still some worthwhile additional facts in here.

-- Douglas Weber, Theatre Effects Webmaster


'Tis the season for snow . . .

We have two popular products for creating a continual snowstorm

1. BM60 Snow Machine
2. AE38 Confetti Spreader


The BM60 Snow Machine retails for $599. It uses a very special soap-based fluid to make snowflakes out of soap foam. The key to this system is our Snow Liquid, which creates flakes that look like soap foam but feel like water. There is absolutely no stickiness or soapy residue. The price on our special Theatre Effects Snow Liquid is $125 for a case of 4 gallons. 1 gallon retails for $39. (You'll find cheaper Snow Liquid on the market, but when you test it you'll find that the snowflakes are incredibly sticky. Personally, I would never subject my performers or audience to this snow.)

The Snow Machine contains a high power fan/pump system to create the snow. It's noisy, like a small vacuum cleaner, but it can be effectively dampened by the user, with heavy blankets, or by putting pieces of foam inside the machine.

The Snow Machine includes a wired remote control with on/off switch and fluid flow control, which allows you to create anything from fine flurry-like flakes to big globs of snow-foam. With the output set at 50%, the one gallon tank will provide 40 minutes of continous snow output.

When truss-mounted, the Snow Machine typically covers an area 25' deep by 15' wide. Two machines are usually used on a 20' x 40' stage. Electric fans can also be used to blow the snow so that it covers a larger area.

The Snow Machine can be controlled from a DMX console by using our optional AT31 DMX Relay. In this case, the fluid flow control must be preset at the machine itself. The DMX console will only turn the machine on and off, not control the flow. The optional AT31 DMX Relay is $199 and can power up to 3 Snow Machines.

The BM60 Snow Machine is 10" x 11" x 21" and weighs 24 lbs. It draws 5 amps at 120 VAC, and includes a hanging bracket for easy truss mounting.


When filled with CF74 Aerosnow (plastic snow) and hung over a stage, the Confetti Spreader will snow for almost 3 minutes. Its capacity is 3 lbs. of Aerosnow. Retail on this machine is $399, and Aerosnow is $8/lb. or $60 for a 10 lb. box.

The Confetti Spreader can be controlled from a DMX console by using our optional AT31 DMX Relay. This Relay is $199 and has the capacity to power up to 10 Confetti Spreaders.

The AE38 Confetti Spreader is 26" x 13" x 10" and weighs 19 lbs. It draws 1.5 amps at 120 VAC, and includes a hanging bracket for easy truss mounting. 


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