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Short & Sweet: Spark Ejectors

This week, I'd like to briefly discuss some of the basics of working with the Spark Ejectors. The Spark Ejector is a hand-held device that has been very popular with haunted houses and other horror-themed productions. The reason for this is simple, if you're trying to create the illusion of a person being electrocuted, nothing is quite as convicing as sparks actually shooting out of the victim.

To create an "electric chair" electrocution, it's best to buy a pair of Spark Ejectors and have the performer wear one in each hand. The ejectors are loaded with a small amount of Flash Cotton (which acts as a primer) and a piece of Flash Paper loaded with Electric Sparkle Additive. People often ask if the paper will fall out when the Spark Ejectors are inverted, as they are in this effect. In fact, if one uses a piece of Flash Paper the size that we recommend, there should be no chance of that happening. A 2" wide by 4" long piece of paper, folded accordion-style as described in the directions, will fit quite snugly inside the chamber of the Flash Ejector. Even if the performer is waving his arms about wildly, there should be little chance that the paper will come out.

The same basic rules that apply to all of our handheld devices apply to the Spark Ejectors as well, namely

- NEVER fire a handheld device at people, animals or other flammable objects.

- ALWAYS remove the glo-plug clip before loading the device.

- NEVER, EVER try to use Flash Powder in a handheld device -- serious injury WILL result.

- When using Flash Cotton as a primer, don't overdo it. If you're shooting unlit wads of paper instead of magical flames, you're using too much cotton.

- When using Sparkle Additive, be aware that some hot sparks may land on the floor. Be careful when using on carpet.

- If the effect is critical to your performance, use a fresh battery for EVERY show.

- ALWAYS have spare glo-plugs on hand for emergencies.

Keep these tips in mind when working with your Spark Ejectors. I'd like to add one final thought that I think is appropriate for this time of year. Don't wait until the last minute to order your effects. If you allow a week or two to rehearse with your product, you'll have a better understanding of how the device works, which can only lead to a better overall performance. 


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