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Three Cheers for the Red White & Blue

You may think that by running a special on red, white and blue products this week we're giving short shrift to our many international customers. Not so! It just so happens that red, white and blue are the national colors of countries other than the good old USA -- some that you might not expect. A quick bit of research on the web yielded the following possible uses for red, white and/or blue items.

For our customers in France you can spice up your Bastille Day (July 14) picnic with some red, white and blue comets. These bare-wire effects shoot a bright, colorful star about 30' into the air. You will need a low-voltage ignition system to operate these effects -- I recommend the LVF1 Hand Blaster. What better way to show your appreciation of liberty, equality and fraternity than with some patriotic pyrotechnics? Remember, for best results you should fire comets either several at a time, or in rapid succession.

You may have missed out on celebrating Independence Day in the Russian Federation (June 12). But you can still decorate your room with patriotic white, blue and red UV Fluorescent paints, open a bottle of good vodka and celebrate the day that the federation officially gained independence (August 24). If a UV and Vodka party sounds like fun, remember to pick up enough blacklight fixtures to cover your entire space. The closer they are to the paints, the better the effect will look. For a nifty effect at the bar, try making vodka tonics and service them under a black light - the tonic will make the drink fluoresce with a weird, greenish glow.

Should you find yourself in Bangkok this August, you'll want to be ready for the Queen's Birthday (August 12) which is also Mother's Day in Thailand. Her Majesty would probably love to see colorful bursts of red, white and blue turbofetti. Our Cuban customers can celebrate the Days of National Rebellion (July 25, 26 & 27) by firing red, white and blue streamers into the air. Of course, a lifting cup and backpressure cap will make your shots go further and look better!

In whatever country you decide to celebrate your red, white and blue holiday - from Luxembourg to Paraguay, Liberia to Yugoslavia -- our special effects will add the visual punch you're looking for. And should you decide you just want to celebrate our Independence Day (July 4) -- that's fine, too. 


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