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MG06 - Thumb Thing

MG06 Thumb Thing, (or as I said when I first saw it "what the heck is that?")

I really did say that when I first came to work here. I looked at it, figured that it would never fly, and forgot about it, until a few months later when we were getting ready to take our traveling booth to a magic convention.

Most magic conventions have a "dealer demo" where each dealer has an allotted time to talk about and show a few of their products, since I was the new guy, guess who was elected to perform the demo. I decided on the Thumb Thing, it's small, easy to use, and a thumb tip is basic equipment to a magician. I took two with me to the demo, one loaded with flash cotton, the other with flash cotton and sparkle additive.

During the demo, I explained who we were, what we did, where we were located in the dealer area...and how effects could be used to enhance the audiences perception of the magicalness of a particular trick or effect. I grabbed a handkerchief, proceeded to stuff it into my closed fist, as I pulled my hands apart and opened them, POOF there was a flash of fire, my hands were empty and the hank was gone. (Thumb Thing with the Flash Cotton load). There were some Ohhh's and Ahhh's....a few puzzled looks. I knew then that people weren't all that familiar with the Thumb Thing.

I went on to part II of my demo, which was to "explain" the device, what I did, and how it worked. I reached out to grab the microphone....PZZZZT there was another flash, this time with sparks flying from it. (Thumb Thing with Flash Cotton and Electric Sparkle Additive). I shook my hand, stared at the microphone...stepped back, cupped my hands to my mouth and yelled "I'd like to explain what I did. I'm not sure now is the time, or this the place. Stop by the booth...WE'LL TALK", and ran off the stage.

I was very happy with the whole deal. I survived, got my point across, got to act a little goofy on stage, and I pleased the convention organizers since I didn't take a lot of time doing it.

OK, what is the Thumb Thing. It's a magician's thumb tip, combined with a small pot to hold Flash Cotton, with a flint wheel ignition device on the pot. It's very odd, very ugly, and very effective. It can enhance the vanish of any object suitable to fit in a thumb tip, but it's a good deal more than that. It can be a bigger, one shot version of the novelty Funkenrings, the wind up ring that produces a spray of sparks from your hand. Using Flash Cotton and Electric Sparkle Additive, you get the same electrical shorting type effect from the Thumb Thing. The Thumb Thing can be used to ignite Flash Paper, Flash String or Cord (the sparks from the flint wheel may do the job, I'd still use a small piece of Flash Cotton in the pot so that you have more than just a spark or two to depend upon).

Firing the Thumb Thing is done manually, by bringing your index finger across the flint wheel, causing a spark to fly into the Flash Cotton. I like this for multiple users, since flint wheels should turn in the same direction each time or you can downgrade the effectiveness of the wheel and flint. It's (almost) physically impossible to push the wheel away from you with your index finger, and if you DO this, you're pushing the thumb tip part off your thumb...not a good idea. I also like flint wheel devices for safety. They don't fire until you strike that wheel.

How do you perform the vanishing hank effect with a Thumb Thing, you ask???..... OK, here's what ya do..PZZZZZZT ......"STOP BY THE BOOTH...WE'LL TALK" 


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