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Damn Yankees

In Damn Yankees, the script calls for Mr. Applegate to magically produce a lit cigarette. With the use of Theatre Effects products, this is a very easy (and very cool) effect to produce.

Many performance venues do not permit the use of a real cigarette on-stage due to fire regulations. Other venues, due to state and/or county smoking regulations, will permit you to light candles (many states require an Open Flame Permit for this), but not cigarettes... While other venues won't let you do anything.

Given that every production is different, here is a break-down of some options based on what your limitations may or may not be:

Option #1: Real Cigarette lit by Real Fire!

For this effect, simply use one of our MG05 Finger Flames.  Basically, this allows you to turn your finger or thumb into a Zippo. Produce the cigarette however you prefer (contact a local magician to learn some basic slight-of-hand), then magically produce a flame from your finger (or thumb) and light the cigarette!

Option #2: Fake Cigarette "lit" by Magic!

Hand-Flash.jpgFor this effect, find some novelty Puff Cigarettes from a joke store. These fake cigarettes look very real and produce puffs of "smoke". Also, E-Cigarettes can be used for a very convincing effect as many of them have red-glowing tips that illuminate when the person inhales. To create the "Magic", use one of our MGK04 Flint Flasher Kits to produce a flash of fire and/or sparks. Produce the cigarette however you prefer (again, contact a local magician to learn some basic slight-of-hand), then magically produce a flash of fire as you drag on the E-Cigarette or blow on the Puff Cigarette.

Another Idea

Do you have a trap door in your stage? Having Mr. Applegate emerge from the floor while setting off the Geyser Pyro Simulator will create a fantastic effect that will certainly be memorable for your audience.

Don't have a trap door?  No problem - use an Abyss LED 3.0 to create the effect of looking through the fire of Hades!



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