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Cold Fireworks

Many companies have come up with pyrotechnic products that utilize new ideas and technologies to create beautiful special effects. These new items have "cool" names like Ice Gerbs or Kool Fountains. There are also companies manufacturing and selling "electric" pyro effects, like machines that shoot sparks in the air and are "completely safe."

Contrary to what the name may suggest (and what other companies may advertise), there is no such thing as “cold fireworks” or a “safer” pyrotechnic effect. All spark producing devices (Gerbs, fountains, etc) utilize powdered titanium as the source for the sparks. The ignition point of titanium powder is about 500 degrees F,    ...which is far from "cool."

As such, special care must be given to legally and safely use these products. These items are part of a system, incorporating the disposable device, a holder, wires/cables, and a pyrotechnic control board. More information on the required hardware and controllers can be found on our web page HERE.

Also, each state has different laws regarding the possession and use of these items. Individual counties and cities also have their own (often stricter) laws governing the use of these products and normally require the user to have special insurance specifically for the use of pyrotechnic items. Contrary to what companies may advertise to push their products, ALL sustained spark-producing devises are regulated as pyrotechnic effects. More information can be obtained by contacting your local fire department or State Fire Marshal’s office.  More information about so-called "Cold Spark Machines" can be found HERE.

Due to these restrictions and safety concerns, many customers choose to instead use a pyrotechnic simulator like the Geyser P7 or create beautiful bursts of Confetti or Streamers using our Professional Confetti Cannons.