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Champagne Bottle - Disposable Cannon Part #: AE1020 Price: $16.00

This product can only be shipped FedEx Ground
and cannot be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii.

Disposable confetti cannons offer customers the ability to create a nice confetti effect on a budget.

Perfect For Many Occasions

  • New Year's Eve Parties - add a BANG of color to any party!
  • Parades - no need to re-load between shots!
  • Weddings - a Champagne Bottle on each table for the "Toast!"

These pre-loaded cannons are filled with an assortment of tissue and/or metallic confetti and are available in several sizes.

The colors and cuts of confetti in these pre-loaded cannons are not the same as our other tissue and mylar confetti/streamers products.

These cannons are only available in multi-color.

Want to create a blast of confetti, these units won't break the bank!


AE1020 - 16" Champagne Bottle