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TLS Monstro-Coupler Part #: SL0MLM2.5 Price: $99.00


These larger Monstro or Mega-Couplers are available to fit 2" pipe and larger. See sizes in the drop-down menu above. Custom sizes are available upon request.

Different size Couplers can be attached to swivel.

Standard hardware can be replaced with Stainless Steel hardware as a custom option (call for details). Black Anodized is also available.

These are perfect Tent Clamps.


  • Minimum Size: 2.0" Pipe, 2.5" OD tube (for MLM2.5)
  • Maximum Size: Most any size (to over 10 inches!)
  • Safe Vertical Working Load: 1100 lbs.
  • Hardware: 1-1/4" Gr 8 zinc plated steel bolt. 1" OD Belleville spring washer and nylock nut.
  • Dimensions: 1" thick, 1" wide, diameter varies by size
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds and up