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TLS Mega-Folder Part #: SL0MFB Price: $175.00


The Mega-Folders are designed for moving yoke intelligent lights. Because of their unique design, the mega-folders never need to be removed from the fixture. Folded up, they suspend the light; folded down they fit into the case still attached to the fixture. The Mega-Folders can also be used as a floor stand when used with the clamps folded down.

Load rated at 400 pounds, The Mega-Folders fasten from 1" OD truss tube to 2" OD truss tube. They fasten to your fixture with either a 1/2" bolt or the quarter turn cam-locks used on omega brackets. The standard Mega-Folders have 1/4 turn cam-locks that will fasten onto a Martin Mac 2K, the same as the Martin Omega Bracket.

The Mega-Folders can be made to fit many different lights.
Please specify which fixture they will be used for when placing your order.

Please allow a minimum 2-3 weeks to ship all Mega-Folder orders.


  • Minimum Size: 1" tubing, 3/4" pipe, 1.050" OD pipe
  • Maximum Size: 2" OD truss tube,1.5" pipe, 1.90" OD pipe
  • Safe Vertical Working Load: 400 Pounds 182 kg
  • Weight: 2.4