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Pyrowizard™ Double Shooting Flash Gun Kit Part #: MGK02 Price: $84.95
Available in RIGHT and LEFT handed models.

Similar to the Pyrowizard™ Electronic Flash Gun, but with the ability to fire twice before reloading! This kit includes a Pyrowizard™ Double Shooting Flash Gun, Pyrowizard™ Flash Paper (enough for 16 shots), Pyrowizard™ Flash Cotton, and a spare 1.5V Glo-plug. Contents are packed in an attractive clear acrylic box for storage and display. Makes a unique, fun gift for any responsible adult. ("AA" alkaline battery not included)


Always act responsibly when using special effects!

Kit Contains:
(1) MG02 Pyrowizard™ Electronic Double Shooting Flash Gun™
(1) FP01 Pyrowizard™ Flash Paper - 4 sheets 8"x9"
(1) FP11 Pyrowizard™ Flash Cotton - 4 gram packet
(1) IG21 1.5 Volt Glo-Plug

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