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Skyburst AF - Multi-Shot 8 x 10 Sec 150' 30mm Part #: SKM1000810 Price: $91.67

Additional HAZMAT Fees Apply.




This product has a look that is unparalleled to its competition. Upon ignition, the Ultratec Skyburst propels a fully biodegradable capsule into the air; 30mm reaches heights of approximately 150ft. Once the capsule hits its peak it breaks open to display a bursting combination of both sound and color. The bright and vibrant colored stars are our Angel Fire Low Smoke Nitrocellulose patented stars used in many of our other popular products. The stars are available in vast array of Angel Fire colors, with and without tail. Skybursts can also be ordered with concussion bursts, also known as cannon aides. 

The 30mm Skyburst are also available in a Multi Shot plate in the full range of timing, 8 shot, 4, 6, 8, 10, 15 & 20sec timings. Star colors can be mixed and matched to develop a special plate for your needs.

Note: These items require proper holders and controllers to operate. Please see below for required hardware specs.  Additional Hazmat Fees Apply.  Call us with any questions: 1-800-791-7646


  • Effect Height: 150FT / 45.7M
  • Safe Working Height: 348 FT
  • Safety Distance: 52 FT
  • Production Lead-time: 6 Business Days