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Mine AF - Multi Shot 8 x 20 sec 50' w/Tail Part #: AMM14500820 Price: $48.41

Additional HAZMAT Fees Apply.




This unique plate design enables the user to fire one electric match which ignites 8 Mines in 20 seconds to a height of 75 ft. The time between shots is very consistent and holds that same consistency from plate to plate, something that is very important in ensuring integral looks of your show design. To accomplish this consistency we are using a patented ’injection molded fuse material’ offering a very consistent time. This fuse is then molded directly into the plastic molded plate. This slick design makes the product completely integrated which as a result offers a very sleek package with exceptional consistency. These plates are debris free, have no caps, no paper, no fall out……..no debris!

Note: These items require proper holders and controllers to operate. Please see below for required hardware specs.  Additional Hazmat Fees Apply.  Call us with any questions: 1-800-791-7646


  • Effect Height: 50FT / 15.2M
  • Safe Working Height: 92 FT
  • Safety Distance: 26 FT
  • Production Lead-time: 6 Business Days