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NEW Stagehand Jr.™
1" x 10"
Part #: AE11 Price: $49.95



A smaller version of the Stagehand™, this compact model shoots streamers to distances of up to 30 feet. Good for magicians, private parties, small theatres, and mobile DJs.

An excellent starter model - and built to last a lifetime.  


  • Power: 8 g. CO2, 1" Lift Cup, 1" Cannon Cap
  • Remote: None
  • Dimensions: 10" x 1" Barrel
  • Weight: 1/2 lb.

What's Included

1 x Stagehand Jr. Re-loadable Cannon
1 x Ramrod
Detailed Instructions

Required Accessories (sold separate)

AE61 1" Cannon Caps
AE64 1" Lift Cups
AE52D 8g CO2 Cylinders

Confetti & Streamer Cannons Category Information

The confetti and streamer cannons that Theatre Effects offers are available in a variety of barrel sizes, with a variety of triggering mechanisms. Barrel sizes range from 1" to 2" diameter. There are three triggering mechanisms: Mechanical Handheld, Mechanical Remote, and Electric Remote. Most cannons are fueled by small disposable CO2 cylinders; the rest use tanks that are refillable with compressed air or CO2. Most cannons require Lift Cups and Cannon Caps - cardboard accessories that make your streamers and confetti go sky high.

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